Meet New People.
Do Cool Things.
Gather. is a social club for people who want to meet new people – in real life.

It is all about matching people of shared interests, age range and location to curate hosted gatherings; experiences, events, groups, activities and adventures. You decide.

The data from your private profile helps to create lists of fun things to do, near you, within your availability and matched to your selected preferences.

About - how it works

Members build a completely private profile which includes personal preferences & interests.
Next - local event hosts and venue operators then review aggregate data to build Gatherings; events, parties, tours, weekend excursions, trips - fun adventures - classes to learn stuff - etc.
Then - members who fit the curated event set, will receive the gathering details and decide if they’d like to go.
At you meet people like you, in your community, with
shared interests & preferences simply by going out and having fun!