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Only! is a social club and event matching app
designed to bring people together in real life fun & adventures.

It is all about matching people of shared interests, age range and location to
curate hosted gatherings; experiences, events, groups, activities and adventures. You decide.

The data from your private profile helps to create lists of fun things to do, near you,
within your availability and matched to your selected preferences.

How it Works

Gatherings tailored for you.

Members build a completely private profile which includes personal preferences & interests.

custom gatherings

Oh yes! Completely private. No swiping here.

Next - local Event Host and Venue Operators then review aggregate data to build gatherings; events, parties, tours, weekend excursions, trips - fun adventures - classes to learn stuff - etc.

aggregated data

Register Now.

Then - members who fit the curated event set, will receive the gathering details and decide if they’d like to go.

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The Member Support Team

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Event Host

Bring us Together

Members believe in better experiences with a robust social club and event matching.

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Venue Operators

Create our opportunities

Event Host and Venue Operators make it all happen, bringing members together for fun and fulfilment.

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Help Us Build Connections

Help us build connections. Influencers inspire people who are ready to make change happen in real life.

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Nā to rourou, nā taku rourou, ka ora ai te iwi
- With your food basket and my food basket, the people will thrive.

This Māori/iwi whakatauki talks of community and collaboration. It acknowledges that everybody has something to offer, a piece of the puzzle, and by working together we can flourish and therefore thrive, this refers to us all working together

Build the Excitement - Refer Others - Be Rewarded


apply the
credit to an
event cost


have funds
be paid out
to you

For to grow we need to work hard to get people to know about the innovation and join the fun.

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