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Like a lot of people, I know I want to meet new people. -connect more with my community - do fun things – maybe meet someone special. But I have no idea where to go to do that. Or if I did, how to approach someone without coming off as a pure stalker.

Imagine me walking up to some random fellow saying: Hi. I’m Tracey. 

What’s your name?

How old are you?

Do you live around here?

Are you single?                


Yeah – I can see that going over well. 

I do get there is online dating. But the hunter-mentality of those sites make me queasy. As does the loss of my privacy and those awkward first dates too.

With their online thing, the problem remains. Where do I go to meet new people and do cool things?              

 And not have it be weird.

Frankly – I just want us all to be able to join a social club. with events people who get to know us and then bring us together for meals, dancing, games, sports, adventures –because they have figured out what we like to do. Plus, they know our food choices, sensitivities and availability. So, when they send invites to a gathering in our community, with people we can identify with and are ‘our age’ – we’re ready for all the fun!

So I built it…   Introducing -- a social club and event matching app which recognizes the preferences and vital stats. From each member’s private profile (no swiping) then offer curated gatherings.

It’s not an algorithm designed to match humans. It’s a cribbage tournament on a Sunday afternoon, beginner’s pool on Thursday nights – learn baccarat at a casino. A Bootcamp on the beach at 6 or a happy hour where we play Cards Against Humanity. A weekend fishing trip – trivia in a local hot spring. A quick trip to Vegas or something longer in the Galapagos. Anything is possible.

Hi. I’m Tracey    I believe we’re better when we get together.

Join us