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The real challenge with Innovation

This platform is a whole new way of doing things. Innovation is hard.

It can be unnerving for anyone thinking to try something new.

That’s why early adopters to receive referral rewards and loyalty rewards for at least three years (at some point, I’ll reduce or eliminate the rewards program).

As we progress gaining your trust is my priority.


A little more on my experience with innovation.

I’ve put my personal savings on the line here and that’s scary. Although it does mean YOU and your needs are the only ones that I believe are the primary focus to fulfill on.  With no investors that’s kind of easy. And yes – again -scary. 

The hard truth of the startup world is that Investors don’t invest in ‘new things’ – they invest in proven things. 

This is primary why I’ve also added a Loyalty Program too. As we come together a prove the theory groups with much deeper pockets and teams of gifted programmers are going to hit hard on this new niche I’ve created. They will leap-frog over the 10 years of the ruminating I did to fix on the concept. They’ll review the site I painfully mocked up (not my best skill set) to see how it works and take all of the outreach work I do to help people understand the new approach offered – maybe even try to convince event hosts and venue operators to leave us – to build what could be better. 

All of my work will make it easy for them.

That’s why I’m appealing for you to stay with me. I’m not part of the 1% - those that follow my lead likely will be. 

I’ll only ask you to consider if you want a proven community and business opportunity builder (plus privacy fighter) to be part of the change you’re hoping for? Or whatever jerk copies my work? 

I’ve always worked very hard to build better communities. I always will.

Join us!