Hi, I'm Tracey

If we met at a gathering and I had to introduce myself and then answer an ice-breaker question, I’d likely say “I’m a single mother of 2 adult children” and if given the option to wake up tomorrow with one thing changed about me, I’d want to be a person who didn’t use quite so many swear words.

What’s important about me here isn’t that. What is important to know is that I’ve made an award-winning career out of creating innovative approaches to diverse social wants & needs. I focus on community, economic and environmentally transformative businesses and apps.

The core values of my work have been to support social change while building systems to enhance other businesses and create income-generating opportunities for people looking for a side-gig.

Gatherings.social took about 10 years for all the parts to fall into place which unfortunately happened while I was driving. Admittedly, I swerved a bit. I had been looking to meet new fellows, but I really didn’t want to try online dating. I did not want to appear in someone’s feed (uggh - hunter mentality) nor did I want to give out my phone number to strangers. My preference was to meet as friends then see where things go. But where would I go for that and how do I know who’s available and isn’t completely outside my general notion of who I’d like to meet.

So – I thought let’s gather. And a few months later Gathering.social is live. All you have to do is Join us then select the Gatherings offered by the Event Hosts and Venue Operators and go have fun.